Summer Homework

Summer Homework

Does your child’s school give them homework to do over the summer?

My family and I are originally from Connecticut. In CT, the schools give the students summer reading to do and a math packet. This starts in first grade and carries on until they complete high school.

We live in Pennsylvania, and have for about three years now. My teenage daughter and preteen daughter have not had summer homework since we moved here.

My teenage daughter has some summer reading to do this summer for her honors English class. I will tell you it is probably the second time since she was in third grade that she has had homework to do, and by saying that, I am counting regular homework for the school year as well. (I find that schools assign students very little homework, even during the school year).

I rather like the schools giving the kids summer packets to complete. It helps them to not forget what they have learned over the past school year. I feel it keeps their minds open, and also helps keep them out of trouble.

What are your thoughts? I would love for you to share them with me.

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