Bikes & Kids

Bikes & Kids

Ride a bike they said.  It’s easy they said.

That is what my preteen keeps saying to herself.  She’s a little late, but we got her a different bike this year.  She has been procrastinating riding it.  I made her get on it today.  She’s not happy.

I started out helping her.  I was holding one of the handle bars and the back of the bike seat.  I wasn’t helping.  I told her to practice gliding with her legs out to the sides.  She did that for a while and got to learn how to balance some.  I tried holding onto her again, and when I let go she rode fore about 2-3 seconds.  I told her to try to start off on her own now.  She was not happy.

She is still not riding on her own.  I told her she was going to try again tomorrow.  I can’t help but wonder if there is some other way I can help her get on and go.    I guess to be continued.  Wish us luck!

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