Teen Drama

Teen Drama

Oh my goodness!   The drama of a teenage girl.  I don’t remember ever being as dramatic as my teen is.

The boy…  The drama with the boy.  Why is there all this drama with this boy?  She is not even dating him.  She wants to date him, and he very clearly likes her but they do this dance around the subject.  They have been doing this dance since the end of April.  We keep telling her to put her 1920’s pride aside and ask him to be her boyfriend.  Nope, we continue life with the elephant in the room.  The two of them could be missing out on something great.  I don’t understand it.

The friends… The drama with the friends.  I have to go to this pool birthday party for a girl I no longer want to be friends with and I’m ending the friendship after the party.  Really?  Someone please tell me why I have to waste gas driving 30 minutes away to bring my teen to this party for a girl she no longer wants to be friends with.  Whatever happened to just not talking to people if you no longer like them.

I thought I was done with the drama after I was done with highschool.  Lord help me because I have 2 more girls to still hit their teenage years.

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