Travel Lesson Learned

Travel Lesson Learned

We send my 17-year-old to CT to visit her best friend every summer for a couple of weeks.  Money has been tight this year, and we were unable to send her.  Her best friend’s family surprised us by pooling together the money for Sara’s round trip plane tickets.

These girls have been besties since the 1st grade.  We all consider them “sisters”.  We try to get the two of them together at least once or twice a year.  So Sara went up to CT for 2 weeks.  She had lots of fun and got to drive Poppies BMW convertible that no one else is allowed to drive.

Then came the trip home.  She checked in, paid for her checked bag, and printed her ticket the night before her flight home.  She gets to the airport and goes to the counter to check her bag.  They asked her for her ID and she realizes that her wallet with her ID is sitting on the desk at her friend’s house 45 minutes away from the airport.

I  happened to check her cell phone’s GPS to see if she was at the airport on time and saw that she wasn’t.  I texted her and asked what time her flight was and due to land.  She called me back in tears.  She explained what happened.  I was furious!  I advised her that she was not going to make it back to the airport on time as it was now rush hour traffic which doubles the travel time in that area.  She grew more upset.

I called my husband who was going to pick her up when he got out of work in the morning.  He was just as mad as I was.  We now had to figure out how we were going to get her home as she was definitely not going to make it back to the airport in time to catch her flight.  That only happens in the movies.

I had Sara text me her flight information.  While I was waiting for her response I called my boss and explained why I wouldn’t be at work that day.  That’s always a fun phone call.

My next call was to the airline.  The representative I spoke with was very nice and helpful.  She also grew up in CT and know exactly what I was talking about with why my daughter wasn’t going to make it back in time.  We were able to get Sara on the next flight out to a different airport in FL.

This flight was due to land in the early afternoon.  Then the first delay of 30 minutes came.  Okay, no big deal.  That turned into an hour delay.  Then 2 hours.  Her fight finally came in around dinner time.

We had her pay us back the fee for having to switch flights.  Hopefully lesson was learned.  The important thing is that she made it home safe.


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