Prepping for a Cat. 5 Hurricane

Prepping for a Cat. 5 Hurricane

How does one prep for a category 5 hurricane with kids?  There hear about it all over the place.   We live in south FL and have been preparing for the storm for a week now.

The kids were very scared at first when the weather forecasters said it is a category 5.  We talked about what that means, what destruction it can do.  We had the kids make lists and start packing what means the most to them as we were originally planning on evacuating.  My eight year old was crying, because when you are eight years old everything is important you.

The weather forecasters have been flip-flopping with the path the hurricane will take.  I called out of work for Wednesday telling them I had to prep my elderly mother’s house my own house and that we were leaving.  We were still planning on leaving at that time.  I went around the area to find plywood to board up our house   Thank god I was able to find some.  I put my mom’s storm shutters down on her house.  She was packing what means the most to her.  For an elderly women that is also everything.  Everything has a special meaning to them.  It reminds them of what once was.    The new track came out and it was supposed to go off the east coast like hurricane Matthew did and so we talked about it and decided to stay.   My eight year old was mad, because she was looking forward to going to CT.

The next morning the kids schools closed for the next 3 school days.  I woke up before the sun came up to scour the state for a generator.  I was about to give up and decided to call our local Lowes and the just got a truck of generators in.  I sped over there and was able to purchase it.  Went home and put it in the garage.  Next was the trip to the grocery store.  We were able to get enough food, diapers and wipes to last us for the week.

When we got home, my husbands co-worker came over to help us board up the house.  They had to go borrow special screws because surprise to us our house is concrete.  While they were out hunting for the proper screws, I cut the plywood to fit each window.  When they got back we got half of the windows covered.  We were having trouble because we needed a hammer drill and did not have one.  Today I had my daughter ask her friend if he had one and could come help.  He did and we got all the windows covered except three and a half before he had to go home.  My husband’s co-worker came back and we finished up.  I had my daughter help her grandma bring her “important things” to my house.

We are all here and safe.  Now all we can do is ride out the storm.  I will be posting a blog about hurricane Irma after the storm.

To everyone here in Florida with me, stay safe!


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