Working Parents & Sick Kids

Working Parents & Sick Kids

I am not a stay at home mom.  I work full-time and my husband worked two full time jobs, just to get us through the holiday season.  We lived 300 miles away from most of our family.  So what do working parents do when their children get sick, daycare is not an option when kids are sick, and there is no family close by to help?

When my five-year old at the time was sick.  We were hoping it was just a cold and not that enterovirus that was going around.  School rules are that you have to be fever free for 24 hours to return to school.  My poor, sweet girl had a fever for four days.  She has been out of school for three days, and will probably not be able to return until the next Monday.

I work in healthcare, and trying to get a day off on such short notice without calling off and getting in trouble is slim to no chance.  Healthcare workers are not allowed to be sick.  We get written up and in some cases terminated for being sick.

My husband worked for a hotel chain.  They are also not allowed to be sick or  have sick kids.  Hotel workers also get written up or terminated for calling off sick or to take care of sick kids.  Needless to say, his boss was mad at him on that Monday because he called off to take care of our daughter.

I was scheduled to be off the next day and was going to have my oldest daughter care for her on Wednesday, but my little one started having more trouble breathing, and her fever was 103 all day.  I called off .  I thought I would get written up for it when I returned to work on Friday.  I found someone to work for me on Thursday and asked if I can leave three hours early on Friday so my husband can go to his second job, he’s off from his first job.

Thankfully I still have my job when.  I know that my daughter was well taken care of while she was sick.

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