Ummm… Where is Your Coat?

Ummm… Where is Your Coat?

It is starting to get really cold again in January 2015.  At 2:00 pm it was 30 degrees out, but the windchill made it feel like it was 20 degrees out.  The temperature is continuing to drop along with the windchill.  My lovely teenage daughter decided it would be a wonderful idea to go to school this morning, while it was snowing, with no coat.

Yes, this is the same teenage daughter that I had purchased a nice new winter coat for Christmas for.  Where do you ask was her nice new co?  Bunched up in a ball on the floor in her closet.


She came home from school wearing this…


She seems to think that wearing 2 sweaters is perfectly acceptable to wear during the freezing winter months.  Well it’s not!  He trip to the mall she was planning for Friday has now been canceled.  She has been informed that she will wear her winter coat or have absolutely no social life.

She would like to know where I would like her to put her coat in school.  Umm… hello, that’s what you have a locker for.  I hear but my locker is to small and it doesn’t fit.  Well young lady, let me tell you… your nice coat that you don’t want to get ruined in school, bunches up nicely on your closet floor so it will bunch up just as nicely in your locker.  She has been hiding up in her room since then.

I know, I may be a mean mom, but I’m her mom not her bestie.  It is my job as her mom to make sure she has a coat which I did.  It is also my job to make sure she is wearing her coat, which considering how much she loves to socialize with her friends, I have a feeling she will be wearing it from now on.

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