The Marching Band Life

The Marching Band Life

My 17-year-old is in marching and.  She has played the clarinet since she was in 4th grade.  Marching band has been a part of our life for past 3 years now.
Marching band isn’t just another after school activity.  It ends up being like an extended family.  Not only do the band parents car pool, but the upper clansmen who drive also help the under clansmen with transportation to and from events.  Sara has had to find her own way to and from practices and events because something is always going on during my work day.
First starts out with the band meeting to discuss when band camp is during summer vacation.  How much band dues are for the year.  What fundraisers are going to be to help cover the costs of band dues and trips.
And then…this one time at band camp.  Yes, for those of you who don’t know, band camp is a real thing.  It’s more of a day camp of marching band rehearsals.  This is where the new band members learn how to march and everyone learns the upcoming football season field show.  It is really intense but a lot of fun for Sara.
Once school is back in session the after school rehearsals and football games start.  We also add in the band competitions, parades and winter concert preparation.  There are more smaller band groups as well.  So band season in the south is not really a season.  It is an all year event.
Wish us luck this year! Not only is Sara the clarinet section leader, but she is also Band Captain.
Go Jags

Items we had to purchase for marching band:



Flip book


Extra pages





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