“I’m Sorry” Only Goes so Far

“I’m Sorry” Only Goes so Far

I would wake up at 5:30 am during the week when I would have to go to work.  I would also wake up my kindergartner at that time so she can eat breakfast, get ready for school and so I can drop her off at a friends house who then gets her on the school bus, with their son who is the same age.

On this particular day in 2014, the kindergarten class took a class trip to the Roba’s Family Farm to go pumpkin picking.  Parents were told to send a bagged lunch for the kids, as they would be having a picnic lunch at the pumpkin patch.  I prepared my daughters bagged lunch, and told her where she could find her lunch today (instead of being in her lunch box).   I proceeded with our normal routine and dropped her off at our friends house.

My friend was chaperoning my daughter and her son today for the trip.  When I got home from work, she had called me.  She said that the pumpkin patch was great and that the kids a good time.  There was only one problem.   My friend went up to my daughter’s teacher to ask for her lunch at lunch time and was told that my daughter’s teacher neglected to bring the kids lunches and did not allow the kids to bring their backpacks.  All her teacher said was I’m sorry.  No let me buy them all lunch at the snack bar or they can have some of my lunch.  Just “I’m sorry”.

My friend offered my daughter some of her sons food which was very nice of them.  My daughter, however, is the ultimate picky eater and only took a couple of bites.  We have great friends.

I was very mad at my daughter’s teacher.  Not only did my daughter have no lunch and didn’t eat since 5:30 am, but when they returned to the school, her teacher would not let them eat their lunches or have their snacks.  They arrived back to the school two hours before school let out for the day.  That was plenty of time for them to have their snacks or lunches.  Nope, my daughter had to wait from 5:30 am til 4:00 pm to have her lunch!

I called the superintendent’s office after I had gotten off the phone with my friend, at 3:15 and was informed that everyone had left for the long weekend.  I was expecting a call back from the superintendent on Tuesday afternoon.

I would not let this teacher get away with not allowing these kids to eat that day.  It is not acceptable.  No child should have to go hungry in school, especially when the parents send in their kids lunch with them every day.  In this instance, “I’m Sorry” went no where with me.



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