Teenage Driver # 1

Teenage Driver # 1

Every teenager dreams of the day they get their drivers license.  They go into it with the normal teenage mind set of” I know how to do this,” “This is easy, I’ve got this.”  And every parent has the same fears of a hurt kid and smashed up car.  It’s not as quick and easy to get a license like it was 17 years ago.

Every state has its own laws about teenage driving.  For instance a teenager can obtained their learns permit in FL at the age of 15, and in CT & PA at age 16.  In FL you can have anyone in the backseat and someone who has had a valid license for 4 years or more.  In CT the only other person that can be in the car while your teen has a permit and for the first 6 months after they get the license is someone who has held a drivers license for 4 years or more.  And for the next 6 months they can only have their siblings in the care, no friends.

Sara obtained her FL learners permit in July 2016.  My husband started teaching her the basics of driving, and as time progressed was unable to take her out anymore.  I started taking her on the road more in March 2017.

We started in the neighborhood and worked our way up to driving on the multi lane roads  I would have her drive to wherever we needed to go.  Once school let out for the summer we practiced parking in the middle school parking lot.

She felt she was ready and scheduled her test for mid July.  We took the day off from work to take her.  She was excited and nervous and so were we.

The instructor had an attitude problem from the start.  Sara remained calm and polite.  She did everything the instructor asked her to do.  When the instructor had her pull into a parking space and pull out again, Sara was half way out.  The instructor told her to stop and back up straight.  This put Sara in the other lane and she failed the test.

There is a driving school in our area that also administers the test.  We were able to schedule a test with them 2 days later.  They were very pleasant and made her feel less nervous.   She passed and got her license.  Thank you so much A Treasure Coast Driving School Inc. (on twitter @ACTDSI .   We have 3 more girls to follow.

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