College Acceptance

College Acceptance

Every parent hopes their child will want to continue his or her education after high school and obtain a career that will serve them will in life. Most kids don’t start thinking about what colleges they would want to attend after high school until their junior or senior year. Then all of a sudden they are concerned about their grades and GPA

My oldest daughter is a senior this year. She has been preparing for college for a very long time. Probably since middle school. She has had a very high GPA throughout high school. The high GPA has definitely paid off.

So far she has only applied to her top choice, IUP. They have a good nursing program as well as an honors program. She submitted her application a little of two weeks ago. Over this past weekend, she received a nice thick envelope in the mail.

My daughter was at work when the mail came. I knew instantly once I saw the envelope that her answer was inside. One of the hardest things I’ve had to do as a parent was to not open that envelope. I behaved myself as hard as that was and did not open it.

When she arrived home from work, she video called her best friend and opened the letter with her dad, sister, and myself. All of her hard work paid off. She got in! IUP her she comes!

What colleges and majors are your teens looking into?

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