Sara Entering Adulthood

Sara Entering Adulthood

Dear Sara

As your high school years come to an end and the re world begins you will feel different emotions. Not only is it an exciting time, but it is also a scary time. Everything is changing.

Yes, everything is changing. You are no longer that little girl who was playing with my hair and doing my makeup while watching Blue’s Clues. My silly Sara has grown up to be smart, sassy Sara. Not only have you changed, but the world we live in has as well. I have a little advice as you enter this new world we live in to start living your life.

  • Be kind. I know I don’t have to tell you that because you already are.

  • Make lots of friends. I know we moved around a lot and it was hard to make friends. I don’t have any friends anymore because of all the moving and it sucks. Find an area you like after college and have your friends. Friends are great.

  • Have fun. Being an adult does not mean you always have to e an adult. Jump in the leaves, go to the costume party, have that Christmas party everyone talks about, build the snow dog and spray paint it, and play with side walk chalk in a parking lot after throwing peanut M&M’s at a friends bedroom window.

  • Take care of yourself

  • Be mindful of your surroundings. People are crazy, so trust no one.

  • Keep in touch with your sisters. Friends come and go, but sisters are your best friends forever. They love you. Don’t let your relationship be like the one I have with my sisters – non existent.

  • Travel. Again be careful, again people are crazy.

I have taught you all that I could. You turned into an amazing young woman. I think I did a good job raising you considering the life I was dealt. I am so proud of all you have accomplished and to call you my daughter. You will always have a home with me and you are always welcome home any time. I hope you have lots of happiness and success.



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