Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I haven’t written to you in many years.  Just because I haven’t written, does not mean that I no longer believe in you.  I do believe.

My two older daughters wrote to you back in 2008.  It was probably the most important letter to you that they have ever written.  we, as a family, had a rough year.  It was a difficult holiday season with the loss of Arianna and Amberly still being in the NICU.

The girls wrote about the usual.  How are you and Mrs. Clause?  I would like such and such for Christmas.  They also asked you for a few things for Amberly.  She was under 3 lbs when they wrote to you.  One of the girls asked you for Amberly to get bigger so she can come home and the other asked you for a stuffed animal friend for her and her Lamby that the hospital gave her the day she was born.


My husband and I did not mention the letter to anyone associated with the hospital.  On Christmas night, my husband and I went to see Amberly.  When we got there we found a picture of you and her.  You had given her a kitty cat beanie baby, ans some stickers.  She had also weighed in at 3 lbs Christmas morning!


I may not write to you like I once did as a child.  You are real and I still believe.

Merry Christmas,

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