No More Monkeys Jumping on the…Couch?

No More Monkeys Jumping on the…Couch?

I was on my way home from work on my late night last week. I talk to my older girls on my way home to hear how their day went. Once I am home, the younger kids take up most of my time. I am on the phone with my 14 year old and in the middle of our conversation I hear my one year old’s horrific crying and screaming and my 14 year old drop her phone. I tried asking what happened, but got no reply. I hung up and called back.

I hear, Melanie fell, there is blood gushing out of her face. She won’t let us look at it. They said she might need stitches. I told them to take a picture and send it to me so I can see it. They sent it to me and sure enough she needed stitches. I attempted to speed home which is difficult to do on US 1 in Florida at Christmas time. When I got home they told me she was jumping on the couches after being told to stop numerous times and put on the floor. She fell face first onto the granite top end table.

My husband and I rushed her to the ER. The ER staff was great. They took us in right away. We had to sedate her to do the stitches, 6 on her lower lip. She had surgical glue to the cut on her forehead. Then came the main part of concern. My poor baby knocked all four of her top teeth loose, and the flap between her lip and gum was split open. They cannot stitch that, and said it will heal on its own. Her teeth are another story. They did not have a dental kit in the ER so they had to splint her teeth with a steri strip and surgical glue. They did a CT scan to be sure there was no other unseen damage, and there wasn’t.

The next morning I had to give her drinks with a medicine dropper. I took her to the dentist to see what can be done for her teeth. They took an x-ray and said the make shift splint is working well. Only time will tell if her teeth will tighten back up or need to be pulled. He said she can have soft things to eat. After throwing away all of her bottles, I had to buy more so she can drink. The sippy cups are too risky at the moment as she likes to chomp down on them with her teeth.

Her 2nd visit to the dentist her two outer teeth were good, but her two front teeth were still really loose. We are praying they tighten up. She can eat some solid foods now. We have to take her back to the dentist for another check in about three weeks.

This is why our little monkeys should not jump on any furniture. Do your little ones like to jump around and climb on everything?

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