School IEP’S & 504 Plans

School IEP’S & 504 Plans

Does your child have an IEP or 504 plan at school? Two of my girls do. The middle school is great with working around my schedule and setting up the meeting date and time. The elementary school is the complete opposite.

My daughter’s IEP was done at the end of January 2017, making her next meeting due by the end of January of this year. Her school officials that organize the meeting want to re-due the meeting in September 2017. I told “them “no, her meeting is not due until the end of January 2018”. A couple of weeks later my daughter comes home with an invite to for an IEP meeting scheduled for October 2017. I called this women again, and again told her “no, her meeting is not due until the end of January 2018”. She tells me that the vision teacher wants to add stuff to it. I stated well she should have thought of that at the last meeting, We will discuss it being added at her meeting at the end of January.

So, November rolls around and another invitation for an IEP meeting comes home that is scheduled for November. I again call her and tell her not until the end of January. She sends home another one in December just before winter break and mails it over winter break for a meeting scheduled the same day the kids return to school from winter break. Not providing me the 10 days their law states they are to provide. I was unable to attend the meeting and they continued without me to hold this meeting. They stated that they attempted to call me which they did not. Had they, I would have sent my husband who at the time was still working nights and sleeps during the morning and afternoons until 5.

I returned their new IEP to them and denied it stating that they were told on numerous occasions it was not due until the end of January and that they were to continue using the IEP dated January 2017 that was good until January 30, 2018. They set up a meeting that to my knowledge was suppose to re-due the IEP, however they set it up to go over “parent concerns”. I was furious about this. They dismissed the teachers from the meeting. Needless to say they are using their IEP from January 8th. I can file a complaint with the board of education according to their parental policies and procedures. Which in the fine prints states that any court fees be paid out by the parents. It also states that once an IEP is in place that they can pretty much do as they please without the parents say. Now I am looking into if it is worth fighting or just allowing them to have their IEP for this year and just not agreeing to it at all next year and getting rid of it until she starts middle school, and re-opening it then.

I guess to be continued…

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